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300 Hour Engine Service Maintenance Details

Here at Portside Marine, we specialize in servicing your needed 300 hour engine maintenance. We only use OEM factory replacement parts on your engine. We do not cut costs by using aftermarket parts. Below you will find the general tasks and service done for our 300 hour maintenance. If there are any other issues with your engine, they will be brought to your attention so we can plan together on a repair plan. You can also take a look at our 100 Hour Engine Service by clicking "HERE". To schedule service please call us at 407-249-1124 or email us at service@portsideorlando.com

300 Hour Service Tasks

Other Services May Be Recommended Depending On Engine

Two Stroke Outboards Four Stroke Outboards
Change Out Engine Gear Oil Change Out Engine Gear Oil
Lubricate Engine Change Engine Oil & Filter
Change Spark Plugs Lubricate Engine
Replace Low Pressure Fuel Filter Change Spark Plugs
Decarbonize Engine Replace Low Pressure Fuel Filter
Grease Propshaft Decarbonize Engine
Replace Water Pump Clean or Replace Engine Anodes
Check Thermostats Grease Propshaft
Change Oil Strainers Replace Water Pump
Full Computer Diagnostics Check Check Thermostats
Check Belt(s) Service Battery Connection
Full Computer Diagnostic Check

We recommend factory specified services at your hourly or annual service schedule. this varies from different manufacturers. Our maintenance packages above may not include all the recommended services specific to your manufacturer.

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