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Why should your next boat purchase be an Excel boat from Portside Marine

Portside Marine has a team of boating experts with over 15 years of fresh and saltwater boating experience. The staff at Portside Marine has consistently placed among the highest rated 5-star dealerships in customer satisfaction. They are a boat and outboard dealership who sells and maintains hundreds of boats every year. They will earn your business with their expertise, experience, and customer service.

There is no other boat brand like it in the world. Excel boats truly unique. They pride themselves on making quality boats. Excel boats are well thought out, have exceptional fit & finish, have clean and spacious layouts and overall, are designed for maximum comfort. Excel boats strike a natural balance between design convienence, and style.

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Portside Marine & Excel Boats, A Perfect Pair

Portside Marine and Excel boats have joined together to offer Central Florida a boating experience for anyone. With Portside Marine, your boating questions will be answered and you will get honest and reliable answers to help deciding your next purchase. Stop in today and talk to one of Orlando's best place to buy Excel boats. Financing options are available based on qualification.

The  Excel Boat Company  is located in Mountain View, Arkansas, 70 miles north of Little Rock. They are the nation's premiere aluminum boat manufacturer of an affordable and tough line of boats targeting the unique needs of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Call  Portside Marine  in Orlando, FL today to schedule a demo.

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