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One of the services we offer here at Portside Marine in Orlando, FL is installing a new T-Top for your boat. Below we go over some of the details about purchasing a T-Top and some of the great accessories that can be added with it. We even work with custom built t-tops for your boat. If you want to inquire about purchasing one for your boat, please call us at 407-249-1124 or email us.

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T-Top Pros: 
One of the most beneficial reasons to upgrade your boat with a T-Top is having shade & cover from the elements. If you have ever spent a day exposed under the Florida sun, you understand the value of sunscreen and aloe. Adding a T-Top to your boat is a great way to minimize any harm from the sun during your outings or fishing trips. Aside from protecting yourself from the elements, a new T-Top can provide additional accessories to heighten your boating experience which we will outline further down the page. One overlooked benefit to a T-Top is that it can provide a great hand rail for maneuvering about your boat or holding on while cruising.

T-Top Cons: 
Most dealers really do not go into the cons of purchasing a new T-Top, but we wanted you to be informed of all the points when making your decision. To be blunt, a new T-Top will add weight to your boat. You can expect anywhere from 60-150 pounds of weight to your boat depending on the model of the T-Top. This can equate to a minimal loss of of about 3-5 miles per hour.

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Rod Holders: 

The rail that goes around your T-Top is a great place to add rod holders. They come in different sizes and materials and can make a great addition to your fishing trip. We do not recommend purchasing plastic rod holders as they are prone to breaking in rougher conditions.

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Outrigger T Top Installation Portside Marine Orlando FL Boat Engine Repair


T-tops provide the ideal placement to mount your outriggers and getting them out of the way. They give you unimpeded access along the sides of you boat. If you have gunwale-mounted outriggers, they force you to reach around the rigging as you move forward which can dangle the rod and reel over water. This is not an easy task when you have that trophy fish on the other end of your line. If you install outriggers to the top, we recommend having a solid backing plate that is welded to the frame. They can put quite a bit of force on the T-Top base in rougher conditions.

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T-Top Lighting: 

Most T-Tops have special tabs for bolting on lights with a mounting bracket. Other T-Tops will allow you use a clamp style system to mount the lights on the rail. With your new flood or dome lights higher up, it can allow you better illumination of your deck. They also work wonders if you just need running lights or a light to fish with.

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Electronics Box T Top Installation Portside Marine Orlando FL Boat Engine Repair

Overhead Boxes & Bags: 

One of the most common add-on we see boaters use with their T-Top is the addition of an overhead box or an overhead bag. Overhead boxes are great to hold marine electronics such as a radar display or a VHF radio. They can also be customized for the use of switch panels, stereos, speakers, and lighting. You can also use this space to accommodate an overhead bag for storing vital things such as life jackets, flares, or paper maps. They come in many options for storing your essentials.

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